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Be Inspired is dedicated to sharing positive uplifting news stories about all the good things that are happening around our world. Read the latest news stories that aim to inspire you.

Uplifting News Be Inspired is dedicated to sharing positive uplifting news stories about all the good things happening worldwide. Read the latest news stories that aim to inspire you. With a passion for meaningful, quality content, we’ve built a highly engaged community of loyal readers in the domains of inspirational thought. This website is a digital representation of the positive impact people, places, and things are creating in the lives of others and throughout our world. The aim is to design a space that allows for a deeper connection to each other and the world around us. We know that bringing these stories to light initiates a ripple effect, and if we’ve learned anything from 2020, it is that we all need each other now more than ever. We hope you take the opportunity to read through and resonate with the content you find here. We believe that you’ll discover that while there will always be an element of chaos around us, there are still so many people doing amazing things to make the world a more joyous, kinder, sustainable, and peaceful place. Our intention is that when you leave here, you do so with a spark of hope that reinvigorates your belief in the goodness of our world and all living things in it. You’ll continue to carry a spark with you by becoming inspired with a new level of awareness of what can be possible when we come together and create more kindness. Check out these Positive Uplifting News Stories: This NGO Provides Laptops to Children in Remote Africa - Nelly Cheboi has a unique mission that she follows passionately. Her goal is to ensure children in rural Kenya have access to technology and resources to receive an IT education. Cheboi is the founder of Techlit Africa. This NGO collects older laptops from different companies and institutions to refurbish them. Then she brings this equipment to some of the most remote schools on the African continent so that the children there can start learning basic computer skills. Almost all the students that receive computers from Techlit Africa would not have used the equipment because of where they live. The Road to Appreciation - Mick is a big man with long hair and a beard that would place him naturally onstage with the Grateful Dead. Today he is looking at motorcycles, the kind that move easily from asphalt to dirt to the unmarked desert. Broad stretches of desert are like moonscapes, uninhabited with long horizons and lit up at night by the galaxy. There’s nothing like it if you want to ponder your own insignificance in the universe and find meaning in the process. Turns out alone time in the wilderness is of great value to our mental and emotional well-being. Einstein took long walks in nature and received some of his most profound inspiration there. Being alone with nature affords self-reflection and leads to a renewal and an appreciation for life itself.

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